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Nickel Alloy Steel Bolts


Monel 400 Bolts are fabricated from a nickel-copper alloy (about 67 percent Ni - 23 percent Cu) that is resistant to salt and caustic solutions as well as sea water and steam at high temperatures. Citizen Fasteners is a significant producer of these bolts. We will adhere to your delivery timeline while manufacturing Monel 400 Hex Bolts to your exact specifications. The mechanical properties of Monel 400 Heavy Hex Bolts are exceptional at subzero temperatures, and they can endure temperatures as high as 1000° F. Their melting point ranges from 2,370 to 2,460 degrees Fahrenheit. Our product line's Monel 400 Hex Cap Screws are utilised in a range of industrial applications. This material is distinguished by its exceptional resistance to hydrofluoric acid, a notoriously problematic acid, in all concentrations up to the boiling point.